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Retaliator is a top down SHMUP (Shoot Em Up) inspired by the classics of old, but incorporating many modern gameplay mechanics and technologies. In Retaliator you will fight against a vast horde of alien invaders who are decimating Earth in a war that humanity is losing. Your mission is to retaliate against the enemy home world, leaving a path of destruction in your wake.

Retaliator supports the following game modes:

  • Tutorial - Learn the controls of the game in a prompted environment.
  • Campaign - Travel to the alien home world spanning various campaign missions at three difficulty levels (Normal, Hard, Chaos).
  • Survival - Pit yourself against 30 waves of horrors and see what score you can achieve.
  • Coop Survival - Cooperate with a friend to survive an enhanced, 2 player survival mode. Supports Xbox 360 controller input.

Retaliator also features:

  • Complex control options, including mouse look (aiming), mouse scroll (weapon spread) and resource management options.
  • Over 14 enemy types, including 5 challenging bosses.(Normal, Hard, Chaos).
  • Over 18 weapons split into Primary, Secondary and Tertiary power levels.
  • A choice of 4 different ship types with unique bonuses and abilities.
  • Interesting levels with unique environments.

More coming soon, including:

  • More enemy and weapon types.
  • More missions extending the campaign
  • In-game cinematic cutscenes

Thank you for checking out Retaliator! If you like what you see, please vote for it on Steam Greenlight. Otherwise, have a nice day :)

Install instructions

A demo build of the game is available for you to try out! Download the zip file using the link. Unzip the directory and run 'Retaliator Demo.exe'.

The demo contains a portion of the full game including:
- 1 campaign mission
- 40% of Survival Mode
- 40% of Coop Survival Mode
- Half the player ships and weapons
- Tutorial and Credits


Retaliator Demo.zip 279 MB

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